Some of the Most Expected Pick-Up Trucks Are On Their Way to Hit The Market in 2011

The automotive enthusiasts have at least one reason to get excited this year as the new line of pick-up trucks are on their way for the auto market in 2011. The new models are going to be upgraded as far as the fuel efficiency and the torque are concerned, plus they will be equipped with the complex system of safety features. Some of the most expected models include, among others:
1. 2011 Chevy Silverado HD. This well-known heavy duty truck is going to arrive at the market with a brand new type of chassis, providing incomparably better ride that similar models in the same class. In spite of the fact that the Silverado, with its Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel V8 engine, is often referred to as the one of the most powerful heavy duty trucks, its highway fuel efficiency has been even more improved by 11%. It means that drivers are able to go as far as 680 miles without having to stop for gas. The vehicle also contains Trailer Sway Control that ensures greater trailer safety and the Allison six speed transmission. Moreover, 2011 model of Silverados boasts having hill start assist, automatic grade braking and stabilitrak, the features that weren’t included in other 2010 models of vehicles in the same class. As for the price, those willing to buy this truck are going to pay between $21,000 to $39,000.
2. 2011 Ford Super Duty Series. This year’s line is going to be bigger and better, equipped with a new diesel engine, the 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo. Moreover, these trucks are supposed to have the most environmentally-friendly emission rate ever and there is going to be the 80% reduction in nitrogen oxide comparing to the model manufactured in 2010. That’s good news to all environment-concerned car lovers! As for the other features, not included in the models from previous years, the 2011 Super Duty has the turbocharger relocated next to the exhaust manifold, which gives the truck shorter turbo lag and more power. The vehicle varies in price from $28,000 for the Super Duty F-250 XL to $62,000 for the Ford F-450 King Ranch.

3. 2011 Honda Ridgeline is widely known as a comfortable, safe, five-passenger crew cab. This year it is going to come standard with a reinforced body and frame plus a Vehicle Stability Assist system supported with Traction Control to help the driver in dangerous situations. The vehicle has quite an impressive towing capacity as it has built-in Class III trailer hitches, allowing for the maximum 5,000 pounds of towable weight. Although this truck is not the most powerful vehicle in its class, it is durable and can be easily maneuvered, which adds to its value. The Ridgeline is available from $28,000 up to $35,000.
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Volkswagen Attempts to Reach 800,000 sales on the US Market

In the middle of September Volkswagen unveiled its plan to reach 800,000 sales yearly in the US by 2018. The attempt to boost sales will be supported by launching three key models onto the market: the Jetta, Beetle and a still-nameless mid-size sedan manufactured at the new plant based in Chattanooga, Tennesee. The company’s new strategy has been announced by Jonathan Browning , the chief executive of Volkswagen Group of America, the US unit responsible for promoting and sales of Volkswagen brand in States. Officially, Browning will take over the new post Oct.1 and he has the tough job of cracking the US automotive market. He is definitely going to be under pressure to increase revenues in the US, where the company faced losses for a few years. The daring plan that has been worked out includes surpassing Toyota as the biggest car maker and increase the volume of sales in the US to one million by 2018 (altogether 800,000 Volkswagens and 200,000 Audis).
The new strategy, according to Automotive News, would also include a shift in price, from the current 10% above the US and Japanese competition to 5% which still allows Volkswagen to prevail on the market as a premium brand.
Jonathan Browning succeeds Stefan Jacoby, who is now going to head Volvo worldwide, running global operations. Browning’s appointment coincides with the launch of the redesigned version of Jetta, tailored specifically for the US market. The 2011 model is 2.9 inches longer than the version from 2010. It has a wheelbase of 104.4 inches and the overall length of 182.2 inches which gives some extra space for the rear seat. The line comes with three models: the base S model, the SE and the SEL. They have all been equipped with air conditioning, six airbags, power windows and locks, a four-speaker stereo with a CD player, stability control and antilock brakes.
The SE and SEL as more exclusive models have been additionally equipped with bigger tires, wheels and cruise control; SEL model has also got navigation system, a trip computer, fog lights, keyless push –button start and a power sun roof. Some say that the 2011 Jetta is the first vehicle in the history of that particular model, that serves as a truly family car but at the same time it is affordable for first-time buyers.

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Who is a Technical Writer?

In general the role of the technical writer is to organize complex and difficult pieces of information into user guides that are easy to understand and use by every single person. Technical writing requires various skills. Apart from the ability to write correctly, a technical writer must also be able to organize the knowledge and put it down on paper in a comprehensible and concise form. The person must know how to convert technical knowledge into easily understood terms. A technical writing job is not only about style and clarity of writing, but also about engaging with people and extracting the necessary knowledge as well as ability to describe various processes. The topics covered may include: work methods and procedures; installation, operation, and maintenance of machinery, equipment and software applications; general troubleshooting or engineering specifications for construction projects.

A technical writer can be asked to develop, write and edit material for: reports, manuals, briefs, proposals, instruction books, catalogs, customer and internal bulletins, training materials as well as related technical and administrative publications. Additionally, the person might be responsible for selecting photographs, diagrams and charts to illustrate the written material and control the process of preparing the text for publication and distribution. A technical writer may be also asked to write speeches, articles and press releases for the company. To be able to do this, she/he might have to:
• observe production or experimental activities to describe an operating procedure and detail;
• interview production, engineering and service personnel;
• get acquainted with engineering documentation;
• study reports, blueprints and specifications to become familiar with product technologies and production methods in the specific industry.

If you are looking for employment opportunities as a technical writer, apart from possessing the skills mentioned above, you need to know various related software applications, such as MS Office Suite, MS Visio, MS SharePoint and Adobe FrameMaker that are used for document management. When it comes to work environment, as a technical writer you may be a part of a writing team, but you can also work as an independent employee or decide on freelancing and work mostly at home.

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A creative way of applying for a job…

Looking for a job and don’t know how to distinguish yourself from the rivals? Well, there are some ways… We have already written about video resume, today it’s time to launch an AdWords campaign. Here is how it works:

Found on YouTube: Tips on Technical Jobs' Hunting

Today we are publishing a post aimed at those of our readers who are looking for some kind of technical jobs. Here is the first interesting online tutorial that we have come across: Writing Resumes for Technical Jobs

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Video Resume – Interesting Article at

Ever thought about video resume? If not, maybe you should…but be careful! Sometimes what seemed to be the best idea in the world, can fail.

Anyway, in times when the unemployment rate is pretty high, and you are desperately looking for a job, a standard resume and cover letter may not be enough to succeed. You can find some advice and examples of video resumes in a well-written article at Video Resume – May Work Wonders, But Not for Everybody.

The Benefits of Searching for the Job via Internet

In the past, the companies couldn’t afford placing all the vacancy ads in the newspapers just because it was too pricey. The ads would appear in local newspapers on a daily or weekly basis and  would consist on some rough descriptions of the employee’s duties, because every single word in the ad had to be paid for. However, the situation has changed together with the cheap access to the Internet, which also allows to advertise vacancies within a company.There is no doubt that the person accustomed with using the Internet is riding the wave these days. Having excellent computer skills is a prerequisite in the recruitment process, especially when the person applies to the company related with the internet or multimedia branch. It goes without saying that having your own electronic mail account is on the list of absolute necessities.
Establishing contacts via email gives you a few benefits: most of all it shows that you are conversant with this means of communication.
If you are willing to accept a non-stationary job and know at least one foreign language, working abroad seems an attractive option. Conventional methods made looking for the adequate and available job offers difficult. Regardless of the country you chose to work in, searching for the job by browsing online classifieds is much easier. And you can do it really quickly, just by organizing the ads according to key words; there is no chance you will miss any offer that may be interesting for you. Additionally, the Internet gives you the possibility to check the situation on job market in individual countries, including the information that concern the legal aspects of taking up the desired vacancy, flat prices, languaqge classes, cheapest means of transport, cultural events and so on. Another thing that speaks in favor of the Internet is that its content is less likely to become outdated as, contrary to newspapers, job offers are not published just once a day but you can download them whole month long. Moreover, with the Internet, the fact that the ad is one or two pages long does not have any influence on the cost of publishing it. This is why the ad that you have picked from the online classifieds can be more detailed than ever before which allows you to assess thoroughly the pros and conz of your job-would-be.