Found on YouTube: Tips on Technical Jobs' Hunting

Today we are publishing a post aimed at those of our readers who are looking for some kind of technical jobs. Here is the first interesting online tutorial that we have come across: Writing Resumes for Technical Jobs

And here you can find some more thorough set of advice –  not only for technical job seekers:

Last but not least, something funny to relax a bit before you start writing your resume:

But don’t worry if you’ve got the knack – you can live with it 🙂

And what is more, you should treat it as an advantage when looking for a job. Even though the times are hard, the economy is slow and the unemployment rate high – you are among the most searched employees. Furthermore, the situation is umproving now. For example, Mascus – the online marketplace for used heavy machines – has recorded a record number of visitors to its portals in November 2009 and has managed to sustain that level till now. This means, that the entrepreneurs feel positive about the future of heavy industry as they want to trade. Another example comes from electrical and electronics industry. has just reported that there is a seller’s market for talented technical professionals across Europe specializing in electrics and electronics . The same tendendency can be seen in the USA and across the globe, regardless of the crisis.


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